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BIOFARM -- Bowenpally Institute of
Organic-farm ing

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Commonsense for uncommon benefits

An engineer-scientist-Professor launches the best in home-based bio-farming, in his own backyard, in Bowenpally, Secunderabad, India. Read about this unique venture and try to emulate it, as much as you can.

We need help

We need sponsors and friends who can help. We need people who can spread the word about BIOFARM and organic farming. We need your support and encouragement. Show your concern and solidarity, get in touch today

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All about composting

Composting is fun. But safety is more important than that.
Play safe, live safe.

Organic-farming -- Uncommon benefits from common sense

You do not have to be a rich landlord owning hundreds of hectares. You don't need pots of money. You can create a paradise in your own backyard, if you just employ some long-forgotten commonsense techniques. You can give life to this earth which gives you life. Organic-farming is actually a combination of a whole lot of ideas and techniques which employ natural and commonsense means. BIOFARM demonstrates some simple and commonsense techniques for enriching the health of our farms and gardens. BIOFARM is a concept developed by Dr. Parthasarathy

No chemicals -- no poisons : We use no man-made chemicals to artificially enhance plant yield. As a result, there are no residual poisons in our yield. Food tastes better and healthier. You and your children and your grandchildren, are saved from slow poisoning. You avoid all kinds of bizarre health problems. No poisons get injected into the soil. No poison leaches into your the water you drink.Your world is a healthier and a happier place to live in.

oneworm manyworms Vermiculture and vermi composting : The humble and helpless earthworm can do wonders to your soil. It works tirelessly, in more than one way. Vermiculture is the art of breeding earthworms. Vermi compost is the art of creating organically-rich manure using the earthworm. Two processes are involved. The earthworm consumes and digests decaying organic matter. Thus, we get rid of organic wastes effectively. The excretion of these earthworms is now rich in all the chemicals which were there in the original feed. The excretion is water soluble so it gets easily absorbed by plant roots. Your plants get better food for growing. And in addition to this, earthworms dig burrows in and around the roots. This makes the soil loose and well aerated. Your roots spread faster and effortlessly. Should we all not be grateful to this humble creature ? Can you find any better solution to make your plants grow faster and turn healthier ?

Read this press-report about

Partha's Earthworms

and then find out how you too can

raise earthworms at home.

Mulching : In this technique, leaves and flowers which get dropped from trees are all collected around the base of the plant. Two phenomena take place:
    Surface water near the roots gets conserved and does not get dried up. Evaporation is arrested. The soil becomes more spongy and absorbant. The soil does not cake up or become hard. Your plants get more water for a longer time, and stay healthy and fresh.

    The mulch, decays gradually and releases trace chemicals and precious compounds to the soil. In addition, the mulch also encourages propagation of earthworms.

The best part of mulching is that it costs next-to-nothing. GOD gives you the raw material for making the mulch. All that you have to do is to use it wisely.

Bird and small animals sanctuary : Greedy man has intruded and occupied mercilessly, land which rightfully belongs to other species. We have chopped trees, we have filled up land and made concrete jungles, We have dug up the earth for a million selfish reasons. We have driven all other animals into helpless reclusion. We try to reverse this phenomenon, by showing that we welcome other animals too. We all know, but have conveniently forgotten, that birds bees bugs beetles all help in pollination of flowers. they help propagate plants by helping movement of seeds. Yet we drive these friends away. At BIOFARM, we show you how to make, install and operate simple devices which will bring these friends back to where they belong. You will always be the winner.

The inspiration for this initiative comes from :

Partha's philosophy

Organic manures : The best solution to improving soil fertility is given by GOD himself. What comes from the earth, should go back to the earth, so that more can come from the earth. Sounds logical, isn't it ? But how many of us really understand this simple truth ? BIOFARM uses all kinds of organic wastes, to return those precious chemicals back to the earth.
Enrich your soil with these bio-composting tools: Bokashi composting, Jeevamrutham, Earth worms.
You get a free gold mine in your back yard.

Tree hospital : You get sick, you go the hospital. Your plants or trees get sick, what do you do ? Usually you add a whole lot of pesticides and poisons. Your plants may revive, your earth takes one step closer to destruction. Do you really want this to happen ? This tree hospital will show you simple and effective ways to treat and heal common plant and tree problems.

Rain water harvesting : When GOD made this earth HE showed us his way of blessing us -- rain. A lot of this world was exposed to the rains directly, absorbing a major part of the manna from heaven. Man's greed gradually reduced this exposed area, as a result of which, water does not reach the soil, but gets drained into the sea. Your trees are starved. Man built concrete jungles, laid tarred (bitumen surfaced) roads, did every kind of isolation which would finally reduce water penetration into the soil. BIOFARM can show you how you can reverse this suicide tendency. More underground water means more roots get more water, more transpo-evaporation, more greenery, more rains and then the cycle goes on endlessly.

Every drop counts !
Save now, or suffer later

  Eco-friendly living
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Simplicity is divine.

E W Dijkstra (1930-2002)


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