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Solutions and Services
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Algologic has assembled an impressive set of tools and techniques, out of several years of research and development and practical experience. These tools have been evaluated and peer- reviewed internationally. We can adapt these tools, develop similar tools, or value-add to your own methodologies.
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Applied formal methods and tools

Algologic (led by Dr. Parthasarathy), brings the theoretical profoundness of formal methods to the pragmatism of industrial systems expectations and requirements.

Automation and Control

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linuxisgreat Algologic Research & Solutions can provide a wide range of support for your Linux installation and Linux/Unix related projects. Algologic can also offer you tools to assist you in software development, Sysadmin, housekeeping, troubleshooting, shell scripts. Algologic is listed by the Linux Documentation Project, in the official directory of Linux Consultants ("CONSULTANTS- HOWTO"). Please write to us about your requirements, for getting a formal proposal from us.
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Our promoter: Dr. Parthasarathy, is the only Indian (based in India) acknowledged in the Draft Standards of POSIX developed by IEEE(USA).
Click here to see a profile of our promoter.

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Design of flawless web pages, web gardening and related services

Flawless webpages

Flawless webpages : Algologic has developed a tool-independent methodology for designing "flawless web pages" especially for scientific and technology- oriented institutions. Algologic also provides assistance in designing and implementing web gardening for your website.

Internationally decorated web designer : Dr. Partha (founder of Algologic) has received a prestigious international award from IEEE (USA) for taking up the responsibility of designing, hosting and maintaining excellent websites for:

IEEE is the world's largest association of professionals in the electrical, electronics, computers and related engineering disciplines.

Algologic can make available to you, its experience and know how in the strategically important subjects of web-page designing and web gardening.

UI/UX Design : Ask Algologic to design your feedback forms and opinon surveys

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Web gardening

Algologic is the promoter of the unique concept of "web gardening" . The "gardening" metaphor stands for all the activities which are necessary for maintaining web sites.
What is web-gardening ? Algologic will undertake an independent review and analysis of your existing web site, and suggest improvements, as well as maintain your site on a turn-key basis.

Use an internationally recognised web designer as your gardener.

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Translations and documentation

The success of your efforts depend upon how well you present them to your users and clients. Use the documentation and translation services of Algologic and see the difference.

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Training can be arranged on the above tools, and on generic principles concerning them. Our training programmes integrate a profound theoretical understanding of the subject, and a practical hands-on experience of the same. The presentation is done in a style which would appeal to practicing professionals. Our training programs usually include an elaborate collection of tutorial material as handout.
In addition to the actual training programs we conduct, we can also offer a whole range of training services to suit your requirements.

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Bonjour. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur nos services et nos tarifs, il vous suffira de cliquer ici et nous envoyer un courrier électronique (en français si vous voulez).

Nous restons dans l'attente de vous lire bientôt.

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