19-2021 Vaastu shastra — Psuedo Science or Real Rubbish ?

Vastu-shastra (aka vaastu shastra) is not pseudo-science. It is neither science, nor pseudo. It is real-rubbish. Here is how I prove my point:

I write this article in 2021, about a house I built in 1985, 36 years ago ! When I started this project, a whole lot of well-intentioned, respectable and honourable “friends” warned me and explained to me the need to respect vastu shastra as they knew it. I heard all of them attentively and even took notes. The idea was not about ensuring compliance, but to make sure that I break every one of these rules. I wanted to make sure I did not obey any such rule, even by oversight.My friends thought I was hopelessly doomed, and that every misery would fall on me, sooner or later. I and my family have lived here for 36 years and still wonder what all the hullabaloo was about. If I see any one of those doomsday prophets again, I will certainly take them around the house and point out all the “vastu flaws” in my design. I will challenge them to show me all the misfortunes I have faced in all these years because of violating their sacred psuedo-science (aka real rubbish) predictions.

How is it that I and none in my family faced any serious illness or healh issues ?
How is it that I and none in my family faced any grievous accident or injury ?
How is it that I and none in my family had to go to jail or face any criminal proceedings by law enforcement agencies ?
How do you explain that the house has seen three joyous occasions in the form of marriages : my son, my daughter, ourselves (60th anniversary which in Hindu customs is celebrated like a marriage) ?
Why did we never face any major monetary loss like theft, burglary, fraud, in all these years ? Or, why did we not suffer any natural calamities like fire, lightning, earthquake, floods etc. ?

I must admit that I do not know what is in store for me, but I have waited for 36 years and found nothing remarkable. Neither have I gained great fortunes just because of my refusal to join the vastu chorus. Vastu, for me, is nothing more than a fart.

Vastu believers have a right to their beliefs. They also have a right to appear like donkeys when their doomsday predictions go wrong. But, they can also save themselves from their disgrace by not imposing their views on people who do not believe in their so-called pseudo science.

36 years is a lot of time, to support the predictions about vaastu. No one can brush aside the above experience as an isolated case of coincidence.

Beware of superstition sold under the name of vastu the pseudoscience.

4-2018 Beware of pseudoscience

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  6. Detox does good for you
  7. Climate change is not real

    Some more items which deserve to be added to the above list:

  1. Religion
  2. Fengshui
  3. Vaastu Shastra
  4. Water divining
  5. Exorcising, witchcraft, black magic
  6. + + + many more

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