10-2021 How I ruined my Sunday evening .

tankbund sundayYesterday, 12/09/2021, I decided to experience the much publicised traffic-free promenade, along Tank Bund in Hyderabad. Tank bund is a major artery connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad, and runs along the periphery of the picturesque Hussain Sagar lake. And my GOD , I was so disappointed /disgusted and had to curse myself for this faux pas. This experience proves how good-intentioned schemes can be ruined by reckless , irresponsible and uncivilised behaviour by the very people who should be promoting such ideas.

I saw how filth and garbage can be spread or dumped in the name of religious liberty. They say that there is an order of the high court which prohibits immersion of plaster of Paris Ganesha idols in the lake. What I saw, was exactly the opposite. Hundreds of policemen in the area kept watching helplessly as people kept dumping all their idols into the stagnant and stinking lake. Added to the mess and filth were also thousands of plastic bags, styropor/thermocole material, with many more nondescript garbage. Vive la liberte !

The traffic-free aspect was just a farce. Traffic had to pass through a major part of the tank bund, which made the crowd more congested all over. The density of traffic was much higher than other usual days. A considerable part of the walking space (or whatever was left free) was also occupied by hawkers and street-side vendors. Blaring loudspeakers made the evening resemble more like a sojourn in hell. But who cares ?

fun at tank bundIf you ever think of visiting tank bund on a Sunday evening, just drop the idea pronto. Do not fall for all the organised propaganda, stay away and feel safe.

Do not get carried away by all the colourful publicity. (see examples above). What you actually see at tank bund will not be so good or enjoyable.

Moral of the story : If you are looking for some peace and tranquility, tank bund is certainly NOT the place to go to. There are many better places in Hyderabad, to go and spend a serene evening.

Filth and garbage, or religious freedom ? You choose !


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53-2019 Yet another filthy festival (#4)

53-2019 Yet another filthy festival (#4)

FirecrackerIt is time for yet another filthy festival celebrated in the name of religion. This jewel in the crown of religious madness is called “Diwali” or Deepavali, and is due in a few days. We will of course see all the filth and garbage which usually accompany such religious exhibitions. Add to all that, all the noise, smoke and poison showered generously using fire-crackers and explosives. Factor-in the number of accidents where people get hurt or property destroyed. You have the best reason to call Diwali the ultimate nonsense in religious freedom.

The only persons who seem to enjoy all this rubbish are the businessmen and shopkeepers. They allure you with cleverly-worded campaigns filled with dubious “festival offers” , and add insult to injury.

Long live religious liberty, to hell with commonsense and social responsibility.

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Is there any way to save the planet ?

Stop celebrating such religion motivated festivals, and follow the example given by Greedy Greens.