47-2019 Making-a-mockery-of-privacy — a sequel

The ridiculously shameful display I reported in my earlier post is not over. I discovered some more blunders in that site. For instance, that site does not mention anything about the Head of that institution. It does not display the name, official designation e.g. Dean/Principal/Director, contact details etc. Neither do we know his date of birth, qualifications if any etc., unlike the details given for all other faculty in this institution. Needless to talk about the numerous typos and linguistic gaffes. Ignoring all norms of decency and responsible behaviour, the website provides no “contact me” for giving feedback. There is no way you can report these blunders to anybody responsible, unless you use some public platform like this..

All this speaks a lot about the quality, competence and maturity of the people running this institution. Their website stands as proof of the saying , “where ignorance is bliss … ” Like Mark Anthony famously said “Oh judgement, thou art fled to brutish beasts …. “.

Take look at this web page

46-2019 Making a mockery of privacy and decency

See the actual web page now.

Recently, I came across a ridiculous display of violation of decency and privacy. I was shocked and ashamed to see that this blunder occurred in the website of my own alma mater, where I studied almost 50 years ago. The website displays a whole lot of academic information as well as some irrelevant information and misses out on some meaningful information. For instance, it announces the date of birth of all its teachers/faculty (including the ladies). Why should anyone know who is older / younger than who in the University ? Strangely, it does not give the date/place where the teacher acquired the qualifications listed against their names. Strange ! No one seems to have noticed this goof up or has any objection to the public display of personal, non-academic information.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at this faculty details webpage.

Notice that this is the webpage of the Professor and Head of Computer Science ! Is this what you teach your students ? What quality can we expect from students trained here ?