4-2022 René DAVID (RIP)

Rene DAVIDIt is a sad duty for me to announce the death of my long-time friend and guru René DAVID (1939–2022). I met him first in 1977 when I went to Grenoble for my Doctorate. I had a lot of close interactions with him during my stay there. He was a remarkable scientist, sportsperson, and above all, a highly-cultured gentleman. He inspired me to think and act seriously about accessibility for disabled. He introduced me to a whole lot of friends, each with some remarkable qualities. I built my house, keeping him in mind, and was fortunate to have him here and endorse/approve my design. I have some of the books he wrote. And I have a lot of literature (some translated by me) on IRIS, the device to help blind persons practice archery. Rene, I will miss you. May you rest in peace.

Rene might have left us, but his memories will stay with us forever.

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