14-2019 Why do people ignore requests for opinion / feedback ?

Why don’t people stop and smell the roses ?
Why don’t people applaud a singing bird ?
Why don’t people appreciate a good job done ?
Why don’t people stop grumbling that this life is so terrible ?
Why don’t people speak out when they are asked their opinion / feedback ?

How often does someone ask you your opinion / feedback on a product or service you have used ? How often do you ignore such requests ?

For many, giving an opinion/feedback on anything is usually not a very welcome or interesting activity. You find yourself caught between the proverbial horns of a dilemma. If you want to be honest, you may have to be careful that you do not offend the person. You also do not want to spend time to learn some diplomatic skills, without sounding too dishonest or indifferent. Moreover, you often suspect that the time you have to spend is not a very productive option for you. The easiest way out, is to avoid / ignore the request for opinion / feedback altogether. You have better things to do in life, don’t you ?

From the opinion-seeker’s point of view, your opinion may really matter much. Even an adverse (but constructive) opinion may be more than welcome, sometimes. Calling a spade, a spade is not always frowned upon. So, don’t worry. Remember, you have a social duty and responsibility to help remove all the blemishes you see, and to create a beautiful world where everyone enjoys a pleasant stay. Do not miss the opportunity to do your bit and earn some good karma. So, the next time someone asks for your opinion / feedback, do not ignore the request. Mere grumbling does not improve anything. You may actually be helping the person and yourself by letting know your feelings. Of course, be sure to be constructive and polite.

You want to change your habit ? For starters, try this small survey.

12-2019 Rome was not built in a day

Rome was not built in a day, of course

A palace is built, brick-by-brick.
A library is built, book-by-book. Both the palace and the library outlive the person who created them.

I added a new jewel just now to my own library. I will use all my life, to enjoy this jewel. I hope I will add many more such jewels before I die.

6-2019 You may know me from ……

A “You may know me from” meme, inspired from posts on Twitter….

Hi, I’m a retired teacher of discrete mathematics. You may know me from my greatest hits including all my ramblings on the w-w-web (e.g. this self-hosted WordPress blog).
Either way, I am flattered that you noticed me. ‘No, I don’t have a PhD. Yes, I have a doctorate. No, not all non-medical doctors have a PhD. Honest’. Yes, a “Dr. Ing.” (or other prof doc) is exactly the same level as a PhD. Yes, I wrote a thesis (in French) and they gave me this Dr. Ing. I am not a PhD, because I never studied philosophy. It is not a good idea to call all cars a Jaguar. I have a doctorate but not a PhD, just like I have a car, but it is not a Jaguar. You got the point ?
Now you know everything about me, or you can take a look at the Partha’s aboutme page marked in the menu bar above. Or you can respond to my non-intrusive and non-invasive ways of reaching out , or you can always email me at drpartha@gmail.com .