4-2018 Beware of pseudoscience

Banish all the BS which your elders, parents and people around you, have been feeding you all these years. Make your protest loud and clear. gullible Beat the hollowness of some of the common pseudosciences, with this amazing pdfbook:
The Pocket Guide to Pseudo Science, by Andrei Mihai, Tiberius Puiu, Alexandru Micu.

The book gives you a panorama of brilliant theories like:

  1. Our earth is flat
  2. Vaccines cause autism
  3. Astrology knows everything
  4. Homeopathy cures all ills
  5. Detox does good for you
  6. Climate change is not real

    Some more items which deserve to be added to the above list:

  1. Religion
  2. Fengshui
  3. Vaastu Shastra
  4. + + +

Download this pdfbook (for free) today !

Now, you have a potent weapon to destroy the promoters of pseudosceinces.

3-2018 When the body fails, the mind need not

I have had some issues with my health, for the past few months. But, I did not let this hinder me from pushing my mind to do more things. I had to cut down several physical activities, and I managed to increase activities involving my mind and thoughts. I have created a richer and more informative web presence.

Hope this trend will continue.