32-2019 Polluters of the Internet

There is no shortage of idiots and assholes in this world. I see them everyday in my mail inbox. The rich Nigerian widow, Idi Amin’s grandson, Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law, Saddam Husain’s son-in-law, are all looking for a “reliable” partner in their business adventures and seek my help in this matter. Of course, they promise to share a fortune with me. The crooks think that I will bite the bait. I have my way of dealing with such idiots.. In addition, I use many other tools to discourage such shameless intruders. I avoid scum pits like Whatsapp, where anyone is free to share and forward any muck which they have received from other idiots. We all have to join hands and stop the stink. Zero-tolerance is the key to a peaceful world.

31-2019 In case you did’nt know

In case you did’nt know this. It is not at all difficult to share news/pics without Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. Linux/FOSS gurus are considered as social misfits and condemned, since they never use these hitech tools. No wonder, no one wants to talk to them.

27-2019 Vedic maths as a business model ? Why not try witchcraft ?

Vedic maths as a business model ? Why not try witchcraft ?

I received today an invitation for a weird event to discuss ways of making money using Vedic mathematics.


To make their point more tempting and attractive, they have also added a suggestive picture in the invite. The point is, many gullible and greedy people, particularly parents, are expected to bite this bait and fall into this trap.

“Look before you leap”, is a very popular idiom. I must add — “Look, before you make your children leap”. Before you sink your money and drown your children, look at some sane advise from a mature teacher of mathematics:

If making money is your aim, why not try witchcraft ? It can fetch you much more money than mathematics and make you rich, faster.

Use your commonsense, and you be the judge.

Who says maths is boring ?

Testing … pls ignore

Adding a plugin to show maths using LaTeX in you wordpress posts is a pain.

The worst plugin experience was with WP KaTeX.

WP KaTeX : absolutely no documentation to help usage, after plugin installation. No mention of limitations or restrictions.  No description for the   recommended  jsDelivr CDN  addon.  No examples or sample sites or tutorials or support forums.

$ latex
\frac{1}{\pi} = \frac{2\sqrt{2}}{9801}\sum\limits_{k=0}^\infty\frac{(4k)!(1103+26390k)}{(k!)^4 (396^{4k})}

25-2019 தமிழ் பேசு தலைவா

வர்ட் பிரெஸில் தமிழ் எழுத முடியுமா ? என்று என்னை கேட்டார்கள் ….இதொ என் பதில்:   தமிழன் நினைத்தால் எதையும் செய்வான் .


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