12-2019 Rome was not built in a day

Rome was not built in a day, of course

A palace is built, brick-by-brick.
A library is built, book-by-book. Both the palace and the library outlive the person who created them.

I added a new jewel just now to my own library. I will use all my life, to enjoy this jewel. I hope I will add many more such jewels before I die.

6-2019 You may know me from ……

A “You may know me from” meme, inspired from posts on Twitter….

Hi, I’m a retired teacher of discrete mathematics. You may know me from my greatest hits including all my ramblings on the w-w-web (e.g. this self-hosted WordPress blog).
Either way, I am flattered that you noticed me. ‘No, I don’t have a PhD. Yes, I have a doctorate. No, not all non-medical doctors have a PhD. Honest’. Yes, a “Dr. Ing.” (or other prof doc) is exactly the same level as a PhD. Yes, I wrote a thesis (in French) and they gave me this Dr. Ing. I am not a PhD, because I never studied philosophy. It is not a good idea to call all cars a Jaguar. I have a doctorate but not a PhD, just like I have a car, but it is not a Jaguar. You got the point ?
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