37-2019 How I escaped getting swindled ……

Prevention is better than cure …. here is a true story.

I am apalled at the number of people who complain of poor and irresponsible service from Broadband Internet provider Excitel . To a large extent, the blame lies on the victims. They fell into a trap because they “did not look before they leap“. Just a little more care and precaution would have saved them from all the misery. And now, they want to “lock the stable after the horse is lost”.

A few days ago, a stranger visited me stating to be a representative of Excitel. He was very sweet and very polite, which made me smell a fish. It was clear that he was hiding all the essentials and was dodging my questions. All he was interested in was the subscription/fees which he wanted me to pay in advance and in lumpsum. And after he left, I wrote down all the queries/questions I had and sent them to Excitel’s helpdesk (e mail given in their website). As expected, Excitel failed to answer my simple and strightforward queries, even after two days. I escalated the matter to their nodal officer (e mail given in their website). The mail to the nodal officer failed promptly. I sent yet another reminder to the nodal officer by name (e mail given in their website). This time another person visited my office and very politely took note of all my queries. I knew that they were clearly avoiding my questions. As expected, Excitel came up later with a story that the connection was not feasible. In any case, they had no answer for any of my queries. Strange, that their own reps never knew about this. It is stranger that the same company has offered connections to neighbours on both sides of my house. Good riddance for me.

I now realise that my alertness and vigilance frightened away a potential swindler and trouble maker.

Only your own vigilance can save you. Do’nt blame the swindler if you feel swindled. You usually get what you deserve.

34-2019 He, who loved a tree


When I pass to my reward.
Whatever that may be,
I’d like my friends to think of me
As one who loved a tree.

I’d like a tree to mark the spot
Where I am laid to rest
For that would be the epitaph
That I would like the best.

Tho it’s not carved upon a stone
For those who come to see
But friends would know that resting there
Is he, who loved a tree

My heart is glad, my heart is high
With sudden ecstacy!
I have given back, before I die,
Some thanks for every lovely tree
That dead men grew for me.

(borrowed from the web)

33-2019 Filthy festival #1

It may be called blasphemy, if you criticise it. But, the filthiest of festivals, Holi, is just round the corner. The festival has deep religious significance for pious Hindus. It is an iconic symbol of India, defining this nation’s (so-called) colourful heart. And even for those who do not hold the same beliefs, the festival has become a cultural standard across the centuries. But many Indians have a completely different Holi experience – one filled with dangerous chemicals or sexual abuse or rowdyism. Yet, no one dares complain.

The dangerous chemicals used, not only damage your skin but seep into the ground — ready to hurt the soil, flora, fauna and groundwater, for years to come. The same logic goes for all kinds of artificial colours or plastic water balloons used recklessly during Holi. To make the damage complete and irreversible, we add a major polluting ritual. A bonfire of useless and discarded material is lit up on the eve of holi. No one can seriously argue that these things are part of any ancient tradition or civilised culture.

Look at it this way, if you damage the environment so much that there will be no more water, how will you play Holi ? If you dirty your homes and streets so much that living becomes impossible, how will you play Holi ? And if playing Holi all your life with chemicals tragically damaged your skin, or caused cancer, why will the next generation play Holi ?

Even consuming intoxicating drugs like
“bhang” (or marijuana/cannabis) is given a religious approval and even encouraged. The unrestricted rowdyism which follows, is considered a blessing from the Gods. Even law-enforcement agents tend to look the other way round. Besides, not many people who relish this God-send delicacy called cannabis contains ‘dangerous’ amount of faecal matter (aka shit). Why do we like to spread poison and filth, in the name of religion, or tradition, or culture ?

Let us wake up now. Tomorrow may be too late.

May wisdom and peace prevail. Amen.

32-2019 Polluters of the Internet

There is no shortage of idiots and assholes in this world. I see them everyday in my mail inbox. The rich Nigerian widow, Idi Amin’s grandson, Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law, Saddam Husain’s son-in-law, are all looking for a “reliable” partner in their business adventures and seek my help in this matter. Of course, they promise to share a fortune with me. The crooks think that I will bite the bait. I have my way of dealing with such idiots.. In addition, I use many other tools to discourage such shameless intruders. I avoid scum pits like Whatsapp, where anyone is free to share and forward any muck which they have received from other idiots. We all have to join hands and stop the stink. Zero-tolerance is the key to a peaceful world.

31-2019 In case you did’nt know

In case you did’nt know this. It is not at all difficult to share news/pics without Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. Linux/FOSS gurus are considered as social misfits and condemned, since they never use these hitech tools. No wonder, no one wants to talk to them.