5-2022 Remembering Rene DAVID

I have many things to remember about my friend and guru Rene DAVID. I learnt a lot about Petri nets and Grafcet from him. My PhD work used Petri nets. DAVID courseI also managed to get him to India, Hyderabad, to deliver a one-week course on Petri Nets and Grafcet (along with Hassane Alla), in Dec. 1991. This course was conducted on behalf of IEEE Hyderabad, and was sponsored by the French Embassy in India.

He also gifted me DAVID Bookhis book on this subject (which was originaly written in French. I helped him in its translation to English). I cherish this book, till today.

He visited my home, celebrated Christmas with us, inspected and approved the accessible house I had built with the inspiration he had given me in Grenoble, France. It was a memorable experience for my children and me.

Rene might have left us, but his books and his memories will always be with us.

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4-2022 René DAVID (RIP)

Rene DAVIDIt is a sad duty for me to announce the death of my long-time friend and guru René DAVID (1939–2022). I met him first in 1977 when I went to Grenoble for my Doctorate. I had a lot of close interactions with him during my stay there. He was a remarkable scientist, sportsperson, and above all, a highly-cultured gentleman. He inspired me to think and act seriously about accessibility for disabled. He introduced me to a whole lot of friends, each with some remarkable qualities. I built my house, keeping him in mind, and was fortunate to have him here and endorse/approve my design. I have some of the books he wrote. And I have a lot of literature (some translated by me) on IRIS, the device to help blind persons practice archery. Rene, I will miss you. May you rest in peace.

Rene might have left us, but his memories will stay with us forever.

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3-2022 Blissful ignorance ? Shameful indifference ?

Prime Minister of India inaugurates 216-foot “statue of equality” in Hyderabad !

Time to rejoice ! Devotees of Saint Ramanujacharya, and residents of Hyderabad, should be happy and proud of this colossal monument.

But why has no one thought about the other Ramanujan ? Will we have to wait for another 1000 years, to appreciate how mathematics brings in equality and lasting peace, or how Ramanujan brought pride to India, or how shamefully ignorant we are ?

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