15-2021 What a coincidence !

Thursday They say, the great Hindu guru Ramanujacharya was born on a Thursday. The famous Indian mathematican
Ramanujan was named so, because he too was born on a Thursday. I discovered that my day of birth
happens to be a — you guessed it : Thursday ! That’s a coincidence which makes me legitimately proud.

And, there are other discoveries I made recently about this date. Watch this space, or take a look here.

Want to know more about Ramanujan ?

Now, you know why I admire Ramanujan so much.

PS: Like Ramanujan, my father’s name was Srinivasan. He was also an Iyengar, like Ramanujan’s father. I was born in the same neighbourhood where Ramanujan once lived. But no one thought about giving me an inspiring name. Who should I blame ?

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