01-2021 My new fall-back mail ID = A larger footprint on the Internet

My new fall-back mail ID is profpartha@drpartha.org.in
This is in addition to my regular / usual mail ID of

“Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst”, they taught us in school. I suddenly remembered this wise advise when scanning my daily emails on gmail. I wanted to be ready to face the horrible disaster of being cut off from my emails (at gmail). I thought about the highly unlikely event that gmail becomes defunct or extinct. Or when gmail becomes inaccessible to me (password gets hacked, or gets corrupt or is forgotten). I wanted a fall-back option and wanted to make it easy for all my correspondents to bumplessly accept the change. I have now created a fall-back email-ID for myself :


This mail ID has a distinct user name (different from the earlier one). It uses my own domain name. Every mail you send from here, gets an autoresponse. The mail is saved here and a duplicate copy is also sent to my usual/main mail ID (gmail). People have got used to prompt responses/reactions from me for all the mail they send me. And when some email goes unresponded, they may conclude that I am dead (an inevitable possibility). Although an alternative ID exists, I advise people to use the main/usual ID (gmail) until I ask them to switch over to my fallback ID.

Please keep in touch (at my gmail ID until I ask you to switch over), or, as a matter of precaution and prudence, send a copy to both the mail IDs. Although I watch both mail Ids regularly, I might be a bit slow in answering mails sent to my fallback ID.

Keep in touch,