01-2021 My new fall-back mail ID = A larger footprint on the Internet

June 2021

new email ID

I have created two new fallback mail IDs: profpartha@drpartha.org.in <<< This is my first fallback.

OR try my Second fallback: p1partha@yahoo.com

**This is in addition to my regular/main ID which is very popular as always : drpartha@gmail.com.**

“Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst”, they taught us in school. I suddenly remembered this wise advise when scanning my daily emails on gmail. I wanted to be ready to face the nightmare of being cut off from my emails (at gmail). I thought about the highly unlikely event that gmail becomes defunct or extinct. Or when gmail becomes inaccessible to me (password gets hacked, or gets corrupt or is forgotten). I wanted a fall-back option and wanted to make it easy for all my correspondents to bumplessly accept the change. I have now created a fall-back email-ID for myself :


To make the transition from my regular/main ID to the fallbackID (only if you wish) as bumpless as possible, I have taken several steps. I do not intend closing my regular/main mail ID in the near future (at least a few years more). Although an alternative fallback ID exists, I advise people to use the main/usual ID (gmail) until I ask them to switch over to my fallback ID. You can also use the fallback ID, if you wish so. Or you can be more cautious/prudent and send a copy each to both IDs.

This mail ID has a distinct user name (very different from the earlier one). It uses my own domain name (unlike the main ID which is on gmail). Every mail you send from here, gets an autoresponse (so you know your mail has reached me). The mail is saved here (at drpartha.org.in) and a duplicate copy is forwarded to my usual/main mail ID (gmail). People have got used to prompt responses/reactions from me for all the mail they send me. And when some email goes unresponded, they may conclude that I am dead (an inevitable possibility). See Quand je ne serai plus la.

There is one more innovation built in this mailID, to stop spam robots. Try sending a message from your mailID and you will be subjected to a test. Fail this test, and you are locked forever outside the gate (blacklisted).

Although I watch both mail Ids regularly, I might be a bit slow in answering mails sent to my fallback ID.

You just cant miss my footprints any more.

Keep in touch,