44-2019 A world without crooks

I have just now disconnected my BSNL phone which has been my biggest pain for the past so many years. This marks the cessation of all my relationships with BSNL. Good riddance.

In all these years, I have not felt more peaceful and comfortable as I am
now. I started by eliminating the sick BSNL from my life. In my search for an alternative, I discovered two more incompetent and dishonest crooks : Airtel, Excitel, both of whom were quickly spotted and brushed away. I have now blacklisted all the three crooks : BSNL, Airtel, Excitel. It is more than a month now, and I have had no reason to complain.You too can enjoy peace, if you recognise and avoid crooks. Peace at last ! Amen.

I hope this peace will last long, Insha-allah.