41-2019 Time to ditch the sinking ship

sinking BSNLI learnt this from the legendary rats. It is time to abandon the sinking/stinking ship, get some peace of mind, and save your life. That is what I am doing by ditching the Indian phone company BSNL. For nearly 35 years, I put up with BSNL. I gave them enough notice and warnings. I have had enough of incompetence, arrogance and indifference which seems to only get worse day-by-day. I am sure, many more will ditch BSNL like me, before it is too late for them.

No hopes for BSNL– the sinking ship

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40-2019 Anagrams

An “anagram” is a “figure of speech” used by highly literate authors. It is a word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase, such as satin to stain. It usually adds a comic flavour to the text where it is used.

I discovered these interesting anagrams on a “lazy Sunday” :

“Madam Curie” = “Radium came”
“funeral” = “real fun”
“teach” = “cheat”
“adultery” = “true lady”
“customers” = “store scum”
“rail safety” = “fairy tales”
“listen” = “silent”

And the best anagram Prize goes to:

“mathematical games” = “metamagical themas”

“Mathematical Games” by Martin Gardner”

“Metamagical Themas” by Douglas Hofstadter

In case you did not know, both of these are famous contributions to recreational mathematics, by two famous mathematicians.

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39-2019 Turning the tables around


There is no limit to discovery, if you do'nt give up midway.You can also add a border if you like:


Just trying a tables plugin, to see how tables work in WP. I use the plugin “tablepress” here.

A table without chairs


The next table was made using Ninja Tables plugin.

I am also testing some PhP scripts here.

38-2019 Filthy Festival #2

It is going to be time soon, to spread filth and garbage, in the name of religion. Ganesh chaturthi, the festival which venerates the elephant God, Ganesh, is just round the corner. GaneshThere will be countless processions carrying Ganesh idols of all sizes (even almost 20 metres tall), accompanied by loud, blaring and irritating noises. The idols themselves are often made out of potentially toxic, bio-persistent (non bio-degradable) material of dubious origins. The processions will lead to public water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds, seashore, where the idols will be immersed. Never mind the pollution and never mind the traffic snarls (and even communal clashes enroute). All the route will get littered with all kinds of garbage. Never mind the feelings of all those who do not care about all the frenzy. In many Indian cities, the festivities drag on for about ten days (or more). All over these cities, “pandals” (tents) are erected in the streets or public places, blocking all traffic. Some fanatics will take the liberty of illegal tapping of power lines in the neighbourhood. It is also an opportunity to earn money by extracting donations. No one complains, since these activities, done in the name of God and faith, are often promoted or orchestrated by men with muscle power and political affiliations.

All this, in the name of religious freedom and liberty. We seem to have an endless supply of ideas and resources to spread anarchy, in the guise of religion.

And, at the top of the list is this festival .

One more filthy festival (filthy festival #3).

Vive la liberte !