32-2019 Polluters of the Internet

There is no shortage of idiots and assholes in this world. I see them everyday in my mail inbox. The rich Nigerian widow, Idi Amin’s grandson, Gaddafi’s daughter-in-law, Saddam Husain’s son-in-law, are all looking for a “reliable” partner in their business adventures and seek my help in this matter. Of course, they promise to share a fortune with me. The crooks think that I will bite the bait. I have my way of dealing with such idiots.. In addition, I use many other tools to discourage such shameless intruders. I avoid scum pits like Whatsapp, where anyone is free to share and forward any muck which they have received from other idiots. We all have to join hands and stop the stink. Zero-tolerance is the key to a peaceful world.