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Keeping yourself up-to-date


My self-hosted Wordpress blog at https://drpartha.org.in/wp/# keeps getting new content / modified content regularly. You may like to be aware of the latest content and keep yourself up-to-date. The blog gives you two easy ways to do this: Each stratgey has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one which suits you best.

"Pull" Strategy

In this case, you pull out information regarding changes in a web page or web site, whenever you want. This approach is most useful when you want to monitor sites whose contents can change frequently. You do not want to probe all such sites, all the time, and discover the ones which have changes. RSS provides a convenient way of keeping yourself up-to-date.

RSS is most convenient for sites whose contents can change frequently, like blogs, podasts, newsletters etc. For static sites, the procedure is more cumbersome and may not be worthwhile.

For instance, you can follow the Wordpress based blog at https://drpartha.org.in/wp/# by using RSS, or you can visit that site directly anytime, to explore specific entries, by clicking on the button below:

RSSlogo  Subscribe using RSS

RSS is just an XML file that follows some specific conventions. You can write the XML manually, but the task is tedious, especially if your site publishes lots of changes every day. This is the reason why the RSS file is normally generated by your CMS (in this case, Wordpress).

This "pull strategy" registration facility is accessible to you from the blog itself.

"Push" Strategy

In contrast to the above strategy, you can ask the site to inform you by mail, whenever there is something new to report. The information is "pushed" into your inbox. You dont have to remember to go and search for yourself.

This "push strategy" registration facility is accessible to you from the blog itself.


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