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A slap on the face of Microsoft lovers

You need proof of the dependability of Microsoft ?

Do you know ? Microsoft.com runs on Linux !!

Watch them blush and wriggle, with their pants down, on CNN !

You be the judge !

It had to happen some day !
Even Microsoft does not trust Windows. So, why do you still hang on to it ? Clearly, MS needs the Linux based Akamai, to defend itself. And then, as a face-saving (lame) excuse, it terms Akamai, as just a "Linux like" system .

Even if we accept that Akamai is only a "Linux like" system, why does'nt MS look for a "Windows like" system ? No prizes for guessing !

Does anyone still need proof about the true worth of MeSsy, fliMSy, cluMSy, Windows ?

On Friday 22 August 2003, Microsoft (MS) changed its DNS so that requests for www.microsoft.com no longer resolve to machines on Microsoft's own network, but instead are handled by the Akamai caching system, which, ironically, runs Linux. Akamai, one of the largest users of Linux, provides a robust, internet-wide caching system, which can act as a symmetric defence to distributed denial of service attacks. Its dependence on Linux based Akamai service proves that MS could neither persuade Akamai to use the MS-Windows operating system, nor could it find a suffciently robust service which works under MS- Windows.

Bundler of blunders :   Literature (and common experience) is full of instances to show how MS-Windows has been plagued by every form of peril e.g. bugs, viruses, worms, denial of service attacks, intrusions, break-in etc., causing unmeasurable loss to users of MS- Windows based systems and networks.

How long more do you want to put up with this scandal ?

If all the above still does not wake you up....read this :

The following analysis has been extracted from : http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=4962

Believe it or not : Microsoft.com Running on Linux
Posted on Friday, January 26, 2001 by Don Marti

"Wired News" http://wired.com/news/business/0,1367,41454,00.html reported today that Microsoft has outsourced their DNS to Akamai, and microsoft.com is now being served by name servers with a "networking implementation very similar to that of Linux". Akamai Technologies is a well-known Linux shop, but let's see.

Let's see which name servers Microsoft is using right now:

microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  DNS4.CP.MSFT.NET.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  DNS5.CP.MSFT.NET.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  DNS7.CP.MSFT.NET.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  DNS6.CP.MSFT.NET.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  z1.msft.akadns.COM.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  z2.msft.akadns.COM.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  z6.msft.akadns.COM.
microsoft.com.          1d20h7m8s IN NS  z7.msft.akadns.COM.

Let's do a queso on the last four.

$ sudo queso
z1.msft.akadns.COM:53       * Linux 2.1.xx/2.2.xx
$ sudo queso z2.msft.akadns.COM:53  * Linux 2.1.xx/2.2.xx
$ sudo queso z6.msft.akadns.COM:53       * Linux 2.1.xx/2.2.xx
$ sudo queso z7.msft.akadns.COM:53       * Linux 2.1.xx/2.2.xx
It's Linux, all right.
And now,
Watch them blush and wriggle, with their pants down, on CNN !
When will YOU ever change ?
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