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Book Review

Lambda-calculus, Combinators, Functional Programming
G Revesz


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Lambda-calculus, Combinators, Functional Programming,
G Revesz,
Pub.: Cambridge University Press (1988), 181 pages,
ISBN 978-0-521-1429-5.

Lambda calculus, is an abstract model of computability. It is also claimed to be the world's smallest programming language. The lambda calculus was developed in 1936 by Alonzo Church (and Haskell Brooks Curry), and is a mathematical system for defining computable functions (i.e., a model of computation). Although it started as a mathematician's tool, it has influenced several concepts in Computer Science: functional programming, denotational semantics, parallel computation, combinators. Church's lambda calculus is equivalent in power to the Turing machine, although Church and Turing both developed their respective models of computation independently.

This book is considered to be the most authoritative and basic book on this subject. However, considering the abstract nature of lambda calculus, it is not very easy to grasp the ideas presented in this book, without the help of a competent guru. All the same, it is important to have this book with you, when you try to explore theory of computing and the science of functional programming.

(This book is a gift from my friend, NVS. Thank you, NVS)

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