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Misc. stuff || The jewels in my bookshelf

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Misc. useful material :
  1. Technical Reports of Algologic (some of these reports may already be listed above).
  2. How we build institutions in India.
    Beware of brainless bureaucrats
  3. Feedback for educational courses design guidelines. A sample feedback form made using these guidelines. The LaTeX sources can be obtained from drpartha@gmail.com
  4. Self-assessment tests : A collection of quizzes/question papers of Prof.Partha
  5. Free ebooks : Free ebooks by Dr. Partha
  6. CV and Research profile
  7. Accessibility : Structures and buildings suitable for the handicapped (239 MB, zipped file). Download the zip file. Unzip it, and follow the instructions given in the "aboutme.txt" file.
  8. PHP: Demos and test scripts for PHP

  9. Internship at Algologic: Package containing list of topics, and terms and condtions.
  10. Presentations : Coming soon. Watch this space.
  11. Educational CDROMs : The catalogue of educational CDROMs is here.

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Book Suggestions

An unexplored book is a wasted tree

Take a look at this major technological innovation

and then take a look at all these books ...........
Books by the author: https://drpartha.org.in/publications/mybooks.htm.
Books by others:
  1. Satan, Cantor & Infinity pdf(R M Smullyan)
  2. Men of mathematics (E T Bell)
  3. Mathematics in nature pdf(John A Adam)
  4. History of mathematics pdf(C B Boyer, U C Merzbach)
  5. Lambda-calculus, Combinators, Functional Programming,(G Revesz)
  6. The mathematics of encryption (An Elementary Introduction), (Margaret Cozzens and Steven J. Miller)
  7. Using LaTeX for mathematics (ULFM), (S. Parthasarathy)
  8. Mathematics in India (Kim Plofker)
  9. Music by the numbers (Eli Maor)
  10. Alfred Tarski (Anita Burdman Feferman, Solomon Feferman )
  11. Three more jewels in my library :
    1. Zero: The biography of a dangerous idea, by Charles Seife
    2. The Moment of Proof: Mathematical Epiphanies, by Donald C. Benson
    3. Leonhard Euler, by Ronald S. Calinger

  12. Waste of time and waste of trees : How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems . . . and Create More (Luc Dormehl)
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