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Mathematics : (language of the Gods)
  1. LaTeX torture tests (mainly mathematical)
  2. When grace meets beauty
  3. Spacing, sizing and alignment in mathematics
  4. An interesting property of modular inverses
  5. The most lovely formulae/theorems in mathematics
  6. Why I dislike Vedic Mathematics
    Also see: You still believe vedic maths is good for your children ?
  7. Group theoretic view of modulo arithmetic
  8. Multiplicative inverse in modulo arithmetic
  9. Theorems and friends Axioms, theorems and corollaries.
  10. Graph colouring for resource scheduling problems -- caution
  11. Using graph colouring for a class of resource scheduling problems - a tutorial
  12. Using graph colouring for a class of resource scheduling problems - exercises
  13. LaTeX for mathematicians Contains five useful papers on LaTeX for mathematicians.
  14. Using LaTeX for set theory
  15. Why is it so difficult to teach (mathematics) ?
  16. Maths can be fun, with FOSS tools
  17. The futility of teaching mathematics.....
  18. Conditionals in logic -- a tutorial on the "conditional / implication" connective used in symbolic logic.
  19. Do you know Ramanujan ?
  20. Maths is tantalising.
  21. Paradoxes
  22. Who says mathematics is boring ?
  23. The randomness of randomness
  24. Are you scared of mathematics ?
  25. Remembering Raymond -- an obituary
  26. There is no magic
  27. Taxicabs and Ramanujan The mathematics behind taxicabs.

  28. Quizzes and self-assessment tests
    Quizzes and self-assessment tests
    Send an email to Prof. Partha if you want the solutions
  29. ebooks
    ebooks on LaTeX
  30. ebook: LaTeX for mathematics Download, unzip the zip file, and read aboutme.txt.
  31. Book Reviews : Visit here

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