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Who says maths is boring ?

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Downloadable publications from Dr. Partha

Discover Mathematics

  • Who says mathematics is boring ? (A collection of trivia, anecdotes, jokes etc. related to maths)
      Essays on mathematics
    1. ebook : An ebook containing a selected collection from the following essays
    2. A veritable showcase of mathematical expressions in LaTeX : When grace meets beauty, LaTeX meets Mathematics
    3. The most important symbol in mathematics
    4. The randomness of randomness
    5. There is no magic
    6. A panorama of numbers
    7. A crazy idea called infinity.
    8. India invented zero -- Really ?
    9. Are you scared of mathematics ?
    10. Maths is tantalising.
    11. Why I dislike Vedic Mathematics
    12. You still believe vedic maths is good for your children ?
    13. Why is it so difficult to teach (mathematics) ?
    14. The futility of teaching mathematics.....
    15. LEAD :: Learning through Exploration and Discovery
    16. The most lovely formulae/theorems in mathematics
    17. Theorems and Friends
    18. The geography of mathematics
    19. Maths can be fun, with FOSS tools
    20. A historical mathematical blunder
    21. Degrees or radians ?
    22. Tau or Pi ? You choose !

      Maths people and places
    23. Taxicabs and Ramanujan The mathematics behind taxicabs.
    24. Who is a mathematician ?
    25. Who is this mmathematician ?Ask drpartha@gmail.com only after you try first.
    26. Who is this wmathematician ?Ask drpartha@gmail.com only after you try first .
    27. Remembering Ramanujan
    28. 100 years after Ramanujan left us
    29. Remembering Raymond -- an obituary
    30. Higher mathematics in India
    31. How does a mathematician's brain differ from other brains ? Try and imitate the persons mentioned here.

      Tutorials - Graph Theory
    32. Bridges of Koënigsburg and Euler's Palace
    33. Paradoxes
    34. Graph colouring for resource scheduling problems -- caution
    35. Using graph colouring for a class of resource scheduling problems - a tutorial
    36. Using graph colouring for a class of resource scheduling problems - exercises

      Tutorials - Number Theory and cryptography
    37. An interesting property of modular inverses
    38. Group theoretic view of modulo arithmetic
    39. Multiplicative inverse in modulo arithmetic

      Tutorials - Symbolic Logic
    40. Axioms of logic
    41. Logic of Reasoning and Proof
    42. Conditionals in logic -- a tutorial on the "conditional / implication" connective used in symbolic logic.

    43. The Geography of mathematics quiz
    44. Quizzes and self-assessment tests quiz
    45. Do you know Ramanujan ? quiz -- a humble tribute
    46. Who is this mmathematician ? quiz
    47. Who is this wathematician ? quiz
    48. Fibonacci again. quiz

    49. Send an email to Prof. Partha if you want the solutions for these quizzes.

    50. Dr. Partha's book on maths
    51. Book reviews (mostly maths related).
    52. ebooks on LaTeX
    53. Gonitsora -2015 (11MB). Contains articles by Prof. Partha, plus a huge amount of interesting and useful material on mathematics

    54. A huge collection of LaTeX demonstration documents (with access to source codes).
    55. LFM LaTeX for mathematicians
    56. LaTeX torture tests (mainly mathematical)

    57. About Prof. Partha
    58. Cryptography
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