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Linux :
  1. Encrypt a whole drive/directory with gpg.
    The complete bundle including the shell script is here.
  2. Decrypt a whole bunch of files.
    The complete bundle including the shell script is here.
  3. Preparing a new external drive, for use under Linux. This article explains the steps to be taken, to repair the irritating problem which many Linux users face regularly.
  4. Keep a secret : Use the good old vi editor to encrypt your files and carry them anywhere.
  5. Honey, I lost that file .... This article will show you a way, such that you will never have to put up a long, sad face and say "Honey, I lost that file ...sorry"
  6. A bash teaser : Explains a very important but tricky aspect of shells.
  7. A bash riddle And, the answer is here
  8. Cheksums, your best friends : How checksums can be used for enhancing security.
  9. Treasure hunt with find : The "find" utility is useful in many ways. Here is one way you can use it.
  10. FOSS tools for mathematics : When mathematicians need tools, they go shopping for FOSS tools like these.
  11. How to build a fortress : How to combine checksums and pgp, to build a burglar alarm for your software.
  12. Get your shell scripts right : Writing shell scripts like professionals is an important asset for every Linux user.
  13. make My day ! : Explains a little known but very useful aspect of the make utility.
  14. Two is better than one ! Making the best of two (or more) distributions, with two disk drives, in the same Linux box.
  15. How big is that ? A good book-keeping tool. Good for many uses.
  16. Many small tips: Download these small tips, and enjoy Linux better.
  17. Keyboard shortcuts on the command line terminal.
  18. diskxray : A simple tool for preserving information about your disk. Can come in handy if you messup your disk. (zip file, 170 kB)
  19. Flatten a tree ! Flatten a directory containing a complex structure of nested directories and files.
  20. Unmount a stubborn USB device Unmount stubborn USB devices which refuse to unmount/eject.
  21. Twenty examples to understand find.
  22. Trobleshoot your wifi
  23. Review your boot log
  24. Who is hogging my disk ? Identify the top ten culprits (or any number of them) who are eating up space in a given directory.
  25. Merge video (mp4) and audio(m4a) downloaded by youtube-dl
  26. A stitch in time saves nine. Keep your Linux system slim and trim.
  27. Connecting a LCD Projector to you Linux laptop
  28. Best way to make people learn and use Linux commands. install this script.
  29. Examples of some one-line-command-chains, and also get explanations of the commands and options used in the olcc.
  30. Understanding process states in Linux
  31. Delete lines from Bash hstory
  32. There's more to come. Watch this space !
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