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Dr. Partha's LaTeX starter

All the LaTeX sources for the articles below, are available from the author.

Learning by hacking
Hacking for Learning

Do you need help ?

Seeing is believing || LaTeX for maths || Get help from the guru ||

|| Teach yourself LaTeX || Seminars,Tutorials, books || LaTeX at Algologic

    Seeing is believing
    (Each article highlights some specific features of LaTeX)
    (You can also ask for the LaTeX sources of all these files, and hack them)
  1. Try here if you know the file name.
  2. Begin here : Hello world, the legendary program which every beginner must learn on his first day at school.
  3. Dr. Partha's bag of Tricks
  4. TR #8/2012Demo of BibTeX usage.
    This article is a sequel to demystifying LaTeX bibliographies .
  5. TR #7/2012 Counting with LaTeX counters
  6. TR #3/2012 LaTeX torture tests
  7. Brevity is the soul of wit : About bulleted lists and numbered lists in LaTeX. Here is a useful and convincing example of the use of reverse-numbered lists.
  8. Demystifying LaTeX bibliographies : Explains the most powerful feature of LaTeX.
    This article has a sequel Demo of BibTeX usage Very useful for people who want to use LaTeX for writing their theses and dissertations, or books.
  9. Who says LaTeX is only for serious work ? : some unusual and frivolous ways to use (or misuse) LaTeX.
  10. Bibliography management : How to handle bibliography lists in LaTeX ? Here are some examples.
  11. Tables in LaTeX.
  12. A demo of the long table environment in LaTeX. Also shows use of LaTeX in placing pictures and tables.
  13. Rendering large bilingual documents in LaTeX. This experiment takes Tamil/English as the target languages. It uses the Thirukkural as a case study.
  14. Shows a simple soution to a simple problem in LaTeX : drawing boxes and drawing horizontal rules.
  15. A quick and simple template for creating technical articles using simpler and reusable modules. Modify only the required modules and compile nuarticle.tex to nuarticle.pdf. Rename the output to any name you like.
  16. Create documents containing watermark messages
  17. Calligraphic printing with LaTeX
  18. Displaying Tables and Text in landscape mode.
  19. Creating dependecy graphs, with LaTeX
  20. Synopsis of Let's Learn LateX
  21. Hyper-referencing in pdf files
  22. Lorem ipsum is here : A very useful and popular tool for LaTeX users.
  23. Place figures side-by-side
  24. Appendices and TOC entries
  25. Dating for dummies
  26. LaTeX trees
  27. How to handle new paras in LaTeX documents
  28. Currency symbols in LaTeX
  29. Spacer/marker in a page
  30. Create a dotted grid sheet
  31. The LaTeX sandbox
  32. Special characters in LaTeX
  33. Size, spacing and alignment
  34. Find out all the Vital statistics of your LaTeX document
  35. Source code
  36. Create a title page for your publications.

    Handling Diagrams:
  37. Making diagrams with dia
  38. Diagrams and Figures in LaTeX documents
    Simple way to introduce diagrams and figures in LaTeX documents. Use of Dia tool.
  39. How to wrap text around figures with wrapfigure
  40. Wrapfig explained again.
  41. How to wrap text around figures with picinpar
  42. How to Adjust location of figures within wrapped text

    LaTeX for Mathematics
  43. When grace meets beauty, LaTeX meets mathematics : Proof of why good mathematicians love LaTeX.
  44. Many tutorial publications on mathematics
  45. LFM : LaTeX for mathematicians (zip bundle) | ebook (pdf, 137 pages)

    Teach yourself LaTeX
  46. Starting point : LaTeX starter page is a good starting point on the web for those who want to start learning LaTeX on their own.
  47. Learning by hacking : A respectable way to learn LaTeX. How to do it well, and do it correctly.
  48. Learning by hacking-- Part II : More on "hacking for learning".

    Take some Help from the guru
  49. Type setting assistance from Dr. Partha
  50. Read this first, if you need help with LaTeX
  51. Try the tutorials listed below

    Seminars,Tutorials, Books
  52. Seminars, tutorials on LaTeX : List and descriptions
  53. Books on LaTeX : Dr. Partha's books on LaTeX

    Important : Please read Arrangements to be made by the host, before contacting Dr. Partha for any Seminar/tutorial, or a visit to your institution.

      Algologic related
  54. LaTeX@algologic Template for a one-page flyer.
  55. Template for Algologic Technical Reports
  56. Template for writing internship project proposals
  57. LaTeX typesetting assistance
  58. Design of course evaluation/feedback forms
  59. A course evaluation/feedback form
  60. Course participation certificate
You need help with LaTeX ?

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