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Why is Linux good for me ?

Prof. S. Parthasarathy

(a Linux fan)
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I know all that. I want to get started on Linux quickly

Make the right

What is free software ?
  • Free software (e.g. Linux) stands for freedom and liberty
    It does not have the restrictions imposed by the software licenses from commercial vendors and greedy businessmen. It gives one and all, an equal and fair opportunity. No invisible handcuffs, fetters, and chains, to straitjacket you, and make you a helpless slave. Discover the real meaning of free as in freedom
  • Linux is endorsed by professionals like this who have no vested interests, and by a whole lot of people around the world.
  • You do not need fliMSy and cluMSy software, do you ?
  • Linux makes economic sense (yes, really)

But, what is GNU/Linux ? Or, who is GNU/Linux ?

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