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Teach yourself GPG

What is GPG ?

GPG is your best way to protect confidential information. GPG stands for gpg key GNU Privacy Guard external, an excellent, public domain, FOSS tool for ensuring privacy and security on the Internet (plus more). GPG is distributed under GPL (GNU Public License, a liberal license which grants you several liberties). GPG is gratis software. With GPG and my public key, you can encrypt any message, or file, and send it to me. Only I can decrypt your message because only I know the corresponding private key (aka "secret key") for doing this decryption. The encryption cannot be broken by anybody else. This is the principle of what is known as public key cryptography (PKC). GPG does many more things, in addition to PKC.
The GPG web siteexternal
has lots of very well written tutorials on cryptography, and security. You can also download the GPG tool from this site. In general, GPG comes free, with all standard Linux distributions (unlike that other fliMSy-cluMSy-MeSsy operating system).

A neat overview and intro to GPG is here. external

A well -organised catalogue of GPG commandsexternal is here.

Learn some cryptography here, and then, take a look at Partha's public key

Interactive GPG tutorial

This interactive GPG tutorial will help you understand GPG better, and use it fully. It will also help you to check out your GPG installation. You will avoid grappling with the syntax of GPG commands and will get ready to use GPG using graphical front-ends e.g. KGPG, Kleopatra etc . You can use it as a demonstration kit, for explaining the functioning of GPG

The interactive GPG tutorial is a Bash shell script, for use with Linux systems. The tutorial is available to you under a CC-BY-SA license. A "thank you" mail, after you use the tutorial, will be highly appreciated and will motivate us to create more such tutorials. A donation is always welcome.


  1. Install GPG on your Linux box
  2. Create GPG keypairs for two fictitious persons: Rama and Sita. You may also add fictitious mail IDs for these persons.
  3. Read the story behind Rama and Sita and their relationship to GPG.
  4. Download the interactive tutorial for GPG
  5. Unzip the downloaded file, and read demo/aboutme.txt

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