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Suggested tutorials, seminars, lectures by Prof. Partha


the prof

Profile of the instructor || Arrangements to be made by the host

Scheduled dates, duration, spread and depth of contents, may be decided by mutual consultations between the host and the instructor. The details mentioned below are purely indicative and are given purely as a suggestion, for starting the discussions.
  1. FOSS / Linux
    Choose your area of interest from the topics listed here
  2. Latex
    Choose your area of interest from the topics listed here
  3. Cryptography
    Cryptography course overview
  4. Selected topics in discrete mathematics
    Take a look at
    discrete mathematics course overview, and select the topic(s) you would be interested in.
  5. Selected topics in Professional awareness and industry practices.
    Request the instructor for a list of topics.
Note : The above list is a part of the non-traditional teaching initiatives of Prof. Partha.

Send all your queries, suggestions and remarks to : drpartha@gmail.com

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