Non-traditional teaching initiatives of Prof. Partha

With Prof. Partha, the teaching does not end in the classroom.

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Invest in education, today. If there is one thing more expensive than education, it is ignorance!

In addition to traditional, classroom teaching, Prof.Partha has initiated several, non-traditional teaching intiatives. He believes that teaching should be : interactive, pro-active, and informative, and should not end with the classroom.
Non-traditional teaching by Prof. Partha
  1. Training programs by Prof. Partha
  2. A teacher's blog Look here for articles on topics which Prof. Partha teaches regularly. Easy, informal, interactive, collaborative learning.
  3. The Professor's tweets : an amazing series of short announcements of learning opportunities.
  4. Hacking for learning
  5. Educational CDROMs by Prof. Partha. The CDROM catalogue is here.
  6. Invited lectures / guest lectures. ::
    * Contact for list of topics and course details.
    * A checklist of conditions, and arrangements to be made by the host institution is available here.
  7. Author of several tutorial papers and teaching material You can download some of this material from the Professor's website.
  8. Book recommendations: You can watch the books which the Professor has been reading
  9. e-mail based mentoring and guidance: Please contact Prof. Partha now.
  10. Quiz yourself with these self-assessment tests
  11. Web supported courses : Here is the kind of web support used by Prof. Partha.
  12. Video conference, video chat with the Professor (using Google Hangout). Please consult Prof. Partha first, if you want to use this facility.
  13. Internship project work A very limited number of students will be allowed to work with Dr. Partha
  14. m-LEAD (Learning mathematics through exploration and discovery).
  15. And finally....start a one-on-one conversation with the Professor. Send him an email now.(No phone calls please)
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