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Why you should not be a maths teacher

(My wife would say -- why you should never marry a maths Professor)

Who says maths is boring ?

  1. People will avoid talking to you, because they think you are a cranky moron who picks holes in whatever they do.
  2. When you watch the bright sun, you can only see the sunspots. You can only see the blemishes.
  3. You will start talking to yourself, because no one wants to talk to you, or hear you talking to them.
  4. You will not accept the other man's point of view, because you know that there can be only one correct answer (yours), everything else has to be wrong.
  5. If you have just one day to live, you will spend it trying to prove that theorem which no one could prove yet.
  6. When you spill coffee on your shirt, you will be busy admiring the stain and trying to figure out the equation for the pattern, rather than trying to wash away the stain.
  7. You will always be broke, because you spent all the money buying books which you will never read.
  8. You hate receiving telephone calls.
  9. Your credit card/ATM card has a PIN which is a mathematically famous number.
  10. You are happy that the world calls you a cranky, eccentric, egotistic, sadist, moron.