Using LaTeX for maths (ULFM)
S. Parthasarathy
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ISBN: 978-620-2-01766 -4

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You have a very basic knowledge of LaTeX, or have heard about it vaguely, or seen it at work earlier. You indulge in writing mathematically-rich documents, and would like to create them yourself using LaTeX. This book proposes an effective way to learn the basic principles necessary to achieve your goal. A huge number of examples are included, along with their source code in LaTeX, so that you can hack them and build your own LaTeX documents. You can now make maths more appealing to more people.

Hacking for learning

In keeping with the "hacking for learning" philosophy of this book, the LaTeX sources of all the examples in this book, are available in a machine-readable, soft-copy form. Download:, unzip and read "aboutme.txt" .

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