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L earning mathematics through E xploration A nd D iscovery

S. Parthasarathy
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Click on the picture to see Dr. Partha's academic profile.
Math phobia, it is all in the mind.
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About m-LEAD

m-LEAD is an unconventional approach to learning mathematics. It is based on the paradigm that rather than trying to "teach" mathematics, we should help students to explore and discover mathematics on their own. The usual teacher will now play the role of a facilitator only. He/she will primarily be a facilitator, primarily engaged in prompting and nudging students, as they explore and discover mathematics. He/she will be available to set goals, and remove genuine doubts and obstacles in the learning process.

m-LEAD is part of the non-traditional teaching initiatives of Prof. Partha.
Activities of m-LEAD

m-LEAD consists of activities which will make students take the initiative of understanding mathematics better. The following activities are planned (more will be added soon):
  1. Student seminars
  2. Group exercises
  3. Mini projects
  4. History of mathematics (and mathematicians)
  5. Mathematical discourses
Student seminars : Students will be expected to give a short seminar (30 minutes) on a mathematics-related topic (but not taught in the classroom). You can choose your own topic in consultation with Prof. Partha

Group exercises : Group exercises will be announced in the course blog

Mini Projects : Mini projects will be announced in the course blog

History of mathematics (and mathematicians) : There will be short lectures on the history of mathematics (and mathematicians), as well as announcements and news about current developments in mathematics. This will help to give the students the context in which mathematical developments took place. It will also serve as a source of inspiration.

Mathematical discourses : An open and moderated forum for representing, thinking, talking, agreeing, and disagreeing about mathematical topics
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