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If you are a mathematician...

Brought to you by Prof. Partha

Who says maths is boring ?

If you are a mathematician, read this carefully...
This could make the difference between life, and death, for you.

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  1. If you are a logician, do not marry a homeopath.

  2. If you are a cryptographer, do not eat apples.

  3. If you are an algebraist, do not indulge in fencing

  4. If you teach maths, do not get involved with religious fanatics.

  5. If an armed brute is talking to you, hide all your mathematical instruments.

  6. Do not depend on your wife for food

  7. Game theorists should not hire taxis

  8. Algebraists are also human.

  9. Topologists should not go swimming

  10. Mathematicians should not join the army.

  11. Mathematicians should not become the President of a country

  12. In any case, consider yourself a very lucky person, whatever people may say about you.

The above stories have been compiled from material available on the w-w-web, mostly Wikipedia and MacTutor.
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