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This is the home page of a dummy seminar, to demonstrate web-based seminar management. These pages demonstrate a simple and inexpensive way to organise and manage seminars/workshops/tutorials in your institution. This is a proof-of-concept web site for the above seminar, designed by Prof. Partha. You can copy, modify and customise these pages, to suit your requirements.

In addition to these pages, Prof. Partha can assist you in designing:

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University of Snowflakes City, QQ
Institute of Eternal Learning

Snowflakes City, QQ

Seminar on Internet-assisted seminar management

From: 2015-99-99
To: 2015-99-99
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About University of Snowflakes City, Institute of Eternal Learning : Brief profile of USC-IEL Or, place a direct link to the Institution home page, if available.

About the instructor : Brief profile of the instructor pdf

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To get more information : manager@usc-iel.edu.qq

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