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Seminar on Internet assisted seminar management

From: 2015-99-99
To: 2015-99-99


The home page of a dummy seminar on web based seminar management is here

Take a look at the Seminar Synopsis first.

Take a look at the seminar brochure.

Prior Registration is necessary for attending the seminar. Seats are limited, and will be allotted on first-come-first-served basis.

Registration fees
Registration and participation fees for the Seminar is Rs. 9999. This fee includes:
  • Seminar participation
  • Lunch, refreshments, course handout
  • Access by email to Seminar Instructor, even after the Seminar
The fees can be paid by:
  1. Cash: Cash can be paid at the Institution's Office. The fee should be paid within 48 hours after filling up of the Registration Form (see below)
  2. Bank Draft : A Bank Draft payable to USC-IEL at par in any bank in Snowflakes City. Please quote the Bank and draft details in the Registration Form
Cancellation and refund : No cancellations or refund is allowed. However a participant may propose a substitute from the same institution.

Proceed to Registration form, after you have read the Seminar Synopsis and the above instructions.

To get more information :

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