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An informal look at formal methods

Dr. S. Parthasarathy

Algologic Research & Solutions
Secunderabad, India

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This material is for personal, academic usage only.

  • This CDROM is a collection of tutorial material about formal methods. Although this document does not claim to be an exhaustive collection of all the material and resources available on the web, it is very rich in content. Read it at leisure, and keep it handy for future reference.
  • Some of the hyperlinks in this CDROM will need an on-line connection to the Internet.
  • This is a "platform independent" CDROM. You can read this CDROM using any web browser (HTML 4.0 and CSS-2 compatible), and under any operating system. You will also need a suitable software plug in for reading PDF files.
  • This CDROM does not install any software or modify any of your files or directories by itself. It does not contain any active material i.e. any program or script which get automatically executed on your computer.
  • It would be a good idea to download the latest version of the files, especially those which contain programs and important tutorials.
  • The web keeps changing all the time. Do not be disappointed if some of these links do not work any more, when you look for them in the web.
  • Please send your comments, suggestions and opinions about this page, to S. Parthasarathy
  • The date and important details about this CDROM are given in the Administrivia section.
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Study material


Only a lucky few can learn from the guru

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Learning resources

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Methods and tools

It would be easier to count the numbers of stars in the sky, than catalogue all the formal methods and related techniques. Here is just a representative sample. If you do'nt find your favourite method in this list, you can always look it up in the world-wide-virtual library created and maintained by J P Bowen.

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All the rest (almost).....

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