Catalogue of educational CDROMs created by Prof. Partha

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These CDROMs are part of the non-traditional teaching initiatives of Prof. Partha


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Save the trees. Create CDROMs for your course handouts. Avoid using paper handouts.
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Learning at your own pace

CDROM based learning material gives the user, freedom to learn at any place and any pace. Prof. Partha, an experienced and reputed teacher/trainer has created a collection of CDROM based educational material. This catalogue will give a panorama of the CDROMs created by Prof. Partha Most of these CDs are given as handouts during the various training courses conducted by Prof. Partha. This catalogue will give you links to the corresponding training program (if any), for each CDROM listed here.

  • All the CDs are self-documented, and come with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • All the CDs are updated regularly.
  • No propreitary format is employed. The CDs contain only platform-independent material.


The catalogue

Title of the CDROM
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Description of the contents
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Why is Linux good
for me ?
This CDROM contains material to get you started on Linux. It will answer the most frequently asked question -- "why is Linux good for me ?" It will give you lots of supporting material as a response to this question. It will then give you enough material to help you take the first steps into the world of Linux. It also contains the entire CD contents, bundled into a single file -- whylinux.tgz. This single file whylinux.tgz , is a tar-gzip archive (17.86 MB). You can use it as a backup, or you can use it, if you want to send this CD contents to someone by e-mail.
Lectures on Linux
Linux shell scripting Collection of self-study material on Linux shell scripting. Contains a large number of sample scripts which you can hack, explore and understand. Contains copious amounts of documentation on Bash shell scripting.

Software engineering and tools

The burden of proofProof is an important step in ensuring the acceptability of software in safety-critical, and high-stakes systems. This CD will give a large collection of material related to program correctness, verification and validation etc. -- safety critical systems.
CryptographyCryptography is a powerful means of ensuring security in systems which are vulnerable to malicious intrusions. This subject is often hyped and misunderstood. This CD will present the essentials of cryptography. Course description
An informal look at formal methodsFormal methods are reputed to make software development a disciplined and quantifiable science. Use of formal methods is essential for provable software. This subject is very vast and very complex. This CD is a collection of the essential basics of formal methods. Course description
Petri netsPetri nets are excellent, formal, mathematical, tools for designing and analysing asynchronous concurrent systems. This tool is used in a wide variety of areas. A knowledge of this tool can be of immense use to people who specify, design, analyse or use asynchronus, concurrent systems.
Flawless web-pagesThe w-w-web is filled with a lot of shabbily designed and shabbily created webpages. This CDROM will give you the basics of web page design and will introduce you to the concept of flawless webpages.

Other useful subjects

Eco-friendly lifestyle This CD will give you material on eco-friendly lifestyle. It will show you how easy it is to follow practices which will help to sustain life on this planet.
Maths bonanza This CDROM assembles a **huge** amount of information and resources on higher-mathematics. It also contains the e-book on "Graph theory", being created by Prof. Partha. In addition, you get other e-books on mathematics too. You also get the complete SCILAB, a package for higher mathematics from INRIA (France).
SCILABScilab is a free software for scientific computations (numerical mathematics). It was developed by the famous French research institution: INRIA. This CDROM contains an installable version (Linux version) of Scilab, as well as plenty of documentation on Scilab.
Latex is for you This CDROM assembles all the esssentials necessary for you to get started on using Latex.
Free ebook on LaTeX
Seminars/tutorials on LaTeX
Litanza -- the English literature bonanza CD This CDROM gives you a HUGE collection of English literature. You get ALL the plays of William Shakespeare and you get more than 600 classics.
We can make a difference ! Think of those who are not as lucky as we are. We can make a big difference to their lives.
For ordering and pricing details, please contact Prof. Partha
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