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Prof. Parthasarathy's biggest blunder

Read this carefully, so that you may avoid making the same blunder.

After visiting various institutions, all around the world, he decided to visit a college in rural India. He came with all goodwill, and respect and hopes -- he goes back with a whole lot of regret, shame, and disappointment. Thank GOD, all "bad" things also come to an end. Dr. Partha is back to his own environs. He refused to renew his contract. It feels so nice to get away from a crowd of such brain-dead, perverted, uncivilised people. What happened to him should never happen to any other scholar.

No scholar will like to work with incompetent, irresponsible, dishonest and dubious people. Beware, take your own precautions -- and above all, stay away from such private colleges in rural India.

Watch this space for the inside story on how a private college in rural India works.
Or, ask this famous scientist, for details -- just send him an e-mail

  • Fools walk-in where angels fear to tread...

    It is not without reason that most of our intelligentsia refuses to visit and work in rural institutions. The one who breaks this widely accepted trend is bound to repent, sooner or later. There is no justification for wasting your one-and-only life in places which do not deserve your support. Don't even think of going to any rural institution, especially if it is owned and run by some rich individual (most of them are).
  • Where ignorance is bliss,....

    Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise : No matter what you wish to contribute, or no matter how useful your discourse is going to be, you can be sure no one needs your knowledge in such colleges. If you try to exhibit your wisdom, you will end up making a laughing stock of yourself. Your students do not need your pearls of wisdom, your colleagues don't care a damn, your management will certainly not appreciate such intellectual expressions.

    If you think students would be grateful to you for what you give them, you are in for a big nasty suprise. If you expect students to consume your efforts, you will be disappointed. No one needs your wisdom, in such institutions, so, don't slog too much. Do not make the blunder of "casting pearls" before these s....s.

    In a system which breeds only mediocrity, no amount of pressure by any one individual can produce any noticeable change.
  • Two can lead the horse to the water...

    Two can lead the horse to the water, but twenty cannot make it drink True. But how are you sure that you are leading a horse to the water ? It turns out often that the animal you are coaxing is just a jackass. No matter what you do, you cannot make a jackass sing or play the piano. So, why spend time making rural colleges learn to achieve academic excellence ?
  • You scratch my back, I scratch mine..

    Breeding ground for rogues, rowdies, ruffians.... (why do all these words start with an R ?)
    A private college is usually set up by a rich and well-connected person who can gamble in high stakes ventures. Such persons usually need an intimate coterie, to protect them. These henchmen are handpicked, not for their academic or scholarly achievements, but just because they belong to a class of favourites : distant relatives, school mates, members of the same "caste", or persons with non-gentlemanly talents. When you step into such a college, you can be sure to be stung sooner or later by a member of this coterie. If you look up to the management to take action or come to your rescue, you are sure to be disappointed. After all, how do you expect to run a private enterprise without such protective elements ? Why should anyone care for you, just because you are a scholar ? Why should anyone overlook the only qualifications of this henchman -- his "caste", his closeness, his relationship etc. ?

    If you think all this behaviour is due to innocent ignorance, wait till you see some smart moves by these very same rural folks. In the case of Partha, his colleague, who also happens to be the Head of a Department, made a smart move of fraud, forgery and impersonation. Like all such criminals, this one also left foolishly, wild traces of his mischief and was caught red handed. Do you think the college would have reprimanded him ? NO. He still continues to inspire his students in the same college, to do the same kind of fraud he is so good at committing. Imagine what all these students will learn from such a Head of the Dept. Imagine the kind of college which protects, encourages and supports such unscrupulous criminals ! Do you really want to belong to such a college ? Do you want your children to be taught by such unscrupluous persons working in such unethical colleges ? Do you want to work with such impostors and criminals ?
  • All that glitters ...

    All that glitters is not gold -- don't get carried away by glossy brochures and slick language. Beautiful buildings do not make a beautiful college (in the intelectual sense). Beautiful buildings may be used as hiding places by ugly people. A good scholar will avoid such company at any cost.

    Do NOT cast your pearls before ....
Want more details ?

You have been warned. Stay away from privately owned and run colleges in rural India. You deserve better than this.

Watch this space, to know, how these colleges:
  • Swindle their teachers
  • Cheat their students
  • Hoodwink the authorities
  • Harass and humiliate their staff
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