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Glances of Ramanujan (2nd Edition)
(Glimpses from the life of the man who knew infinity )

S. Parthasarathy

GOR book (2nd edition). pdf

Version: GOR2ed-116-202311

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This GOR book is a collection of glimpses from the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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Ramanujan was an Indian genius, whose struggles, efforts and legendary achievements have become the subject of several books and documents, and have provided the raw material of a Hollywood movie. Read the Synopsis, and then read this book when you are in a relaxed frame of mind.
You can read these articles in any order, as you enjoy your favourite cup of coffee. The GOR book (pdf version) contains click-sensitive hyperlinks, shown as coloured text , to help you jump quickly to the desired information. If you are an admirer of mathematics, whether as a teacher or as a student, this book is for you.

Remembering Ramanujan
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ISBN : 978-1-5457-5712-3

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