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You are seeing an important document about : the Dusi family. map of Dusi It is the family, whose ancestors lived in a village called DUSI (see left side bottom corner of the map). This tiny village is in Tamilnadu, in India, on the banks of Palaar (River of Milk), not far (about 10 km) from the sacred town of Kanjeevaram (or Kanchipuram), and is about 70 km from Madras (or Chennai), in Tamilnadu State, South India. If you have a sufficiently detailed map, you will find Dusi at the following latitude/longitude: 12° 47' N and 79° 40' E

The Dusi family was a traditional, orthodox, Hindu, Srivaishnava family (see their holy emblem depicted above), and followers of the "Ahobila Matam". They belong to the vadagalai Iyengar sect of Brahmins.

The ancestral house of the Dusi family was plunk opposite to the the Dusi temple. The Dusi family contributed generously to the renovation of the Dusi temple.

This document is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Smt. Rukmini ammaal (my father's mother) whose photographic memory, was a miracle which many of us have seen and admired. She helped me create the Dusi family tree. She died in Madras (now Chennai) in May 2000, at the age of 92.

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