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Let us discover Dusi
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Welcome to Dusi

Dusi provides an ideal weekend-getaway from Chennai. There are things you can explore and discover in and around Dusi. Take some time off, next time you visit India, or Tamilnadu, or Chennai, or Kanchipuram. The best time to visit Dusi will be during the rainy season (December to February).

About Dusi

map of DusiThis site is about a tiny village called Dusi (Tamil word for dust), situated in Tamilnadu, India. If you have a sufficiently detailed map, you will find Dusi at the following latitude/longitude: 12° 47' N and 79° 40' E . See left-bottom corner of the map.

Dusi is also the origin of the Dusi family.

Warning : It appears that there are other villages with this same name (in Tamilnadu and in Andhra Pradesh, and in many other countries).

Dusi -- wikipedia entry

Dusi environs ::

Dusi is located 82 km South West of the State capital Chennai, 103 km towards North East from the District head quarters Thiruvannamalai. .

Dusi is surrounded by Vembakkam Taluk towards west , Walajabad Taluk towards East, Cheyyar Taluk towards north, Uttiramerur Taluk towards South.

Kanchipuram , Tiruvethipuram , Uthiramerur , Vandavasi are towns nearby Dusi.

Narasamangalam (3 km) , Abdullapuram ( 3 km ) , Vadakalpakkam ( 3 km ) , Pallavaram ( 3 km ) , Namandi ( 4 km ) , Vembakkam (10km) are villages nearby Dusi

Nearest railheads ::

Kanchipuram East railway Station , Kanchipuram railway Station (10km) are railway stations nearby Dusi. However, Katpadi Jn railway Station is a major railway station about 69 km from Dusi. Chennai railway station is about 82 km away. Take a bus, or hire a taxi to Dusi, from any of these stations

Sightseeing in and around Dusi ::

  • Dusi : Take this photo tour of Dusi, before you actually visit Dusi.

  • Kanchipuram :: (aka Kanji, Conjeevaram, Kanchivaram) an amazing destination for temples, silks, history. There is so much to see in this place, maybe a weekend won't be enough. Make a special trip to this town/city and you can visit Dusi (about 10 km away) and all other places listed below, when you find some time.

  • Kooram :: At about 10km from Kanchipuram, and 2 km from Dusi, is Kooram village with a temple dedicated to Koorathalwar, Kooratazhwar, born about a 1000 years ago, is considered to be the avatara of Sri Rama himself. He is an epitome of humbleness and a person with unmatched guru bhakti. Although born into a rich family he gave away all his material wealth and became a shishya of Sri Ramanuja. He helped Ramanuja in the composition of Sri Bhasyam. Read his life story here

  • Kuranganilmuttam :: Located near Mamandur, Kuranganilmuttam is a small village which is famous for a Shiva temple considered as the sixth among the thirty-two Tevaram Sthalam. As per a legend, Vali worshiped Shiva in form of kurangu (in form of monkey) at the entrance of the temple (west), Indra worshiped Shiva in form of anil (squirrel) from south and Yama worshiped Shiva in form of a muttam (crow) from north, hence the name Kurang-anil-muttam.

    This village is famous for a unique cave temple : Kal-Mandakam Cave Temple. Located in middle of the village, this cave temple is excavated below the ground level. This characteristic makes this cave temple unique among cave temples. It seems that the original rock was scooped out of the ground to make a vertical shaft for the excavation. Remember to carry good electric torches with you, and wear sturdy shoes, when you visit the cave temple.

  • Narasapalaiyam cave temples: , The cave temples are carved out on a scenic chain of hillocks abutting the huge Mamandur Lake.According to documented sources, the caves were carved during the Mahendra Pallava reign dating back to 600 AD.
    These cave temples built atop a hillock, are visible from the road as you drive past Mamandur.

    More details : http://www.heritageonline.in/cultural-heritage-discussion-3/

  • Mamandur lake :: This spectacular lake is one of the five largest lakes of Tamilnadu. It is, in fact, the oldest, and the second largest lake in Tamilnadu. It is formed by a retaining dam of about 1.5 km built across two hillocks, extended by another 2km. The lake has a water spread of 13 sq. km.and a cubic capacity of 180 million cubic feet, with a maximum depth of 30 feet. this lake is also a happy example of cooperative sharing of a precious natural resource -- water. The lake irrigates 18 villages, where over 18000 people practice agriculture as their main profession.

    More details here.

  • Vandavasi : Vandavasi (aka Wandiwash) was the scene of a historic and decisive battle in the 18th-century between France and England for the control of South Asia.
    The Battle of Wandiwash was a watershed in Indian history as it cemented British supremacy in South Asia. On January 22, 1760, a British force led by Eyre Coote defeated a French force led by General Lally.
    Vandavasi fort would have been a famous tourist spot but for its negligence by the authorities, and vandalism by the locals. Nevertheless, a visit to Vandavasi (and its environs) is an enjoyable experience.

Meet the Dusi family

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