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Beware of UEFI !

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What cannot be cured need not be endured

Although no one will say this loudly or clearly, MICROSOFT is the inventor of a horrible idea called UEFI (never mind the expansion of this four-letter word).

UEFIshitWhether you need it or not, most new PCs come with UEFI firmware (BIOS) enabled. UEFI prevents operating systems from booting, unless they are signed by a key, loaded into UEFI (by Microsoft). This means that only Microsoft-signed software can boot. Everything else, including Linux, is considered malicious, and will not boot. Since they could do nothing about their own software being infected, they decided to block all other software in the world. Linux, of course, needs no such rubbish, because of its in-built robustness. Thus, the greedy bully plans to jostle out all his rivals, to cover up his own incompetences and weaknesses. Cunning strategy of the greedy bully: the greedy bully uses his clout on firmware (BIOS) manufacturers to ensure their products are all UEFI enabled, whether the end-user needs it or not. This is proof of the hopelessly incurable vulnerability of the products made by this greedy bully.

When you buy your next PC, hoping to install your favourite Linux distro on it, you can be in for a nasty surprise. You may be able to install your Linux, but the system will never boot !

To make make matters worse, some UEFI firmware have bugs that cause it to break if too much data gets written to the UEFI storage area. Nobody really knows how much "too much" is. Even if you manage to get the system working, you will notice that
  • your partitions are all mangled up. You will find weird partitions created for you without your knowledge or consent. Together with the EFI/UEFI specification, a new style of partitioning arrived: GPT (GUID Partition Table). This new schema uses globally unique identifiers (128-bit values displayed in 32 hexadecimal digits) to identify devices and partition types.
  • you will get weird and meaningless error messages from your BIOS
  • the 'mount' command throws up a huge list of weird mountpoints and file systems
It is not enough to look for a PC/laptop with Linux pre-installed/preloaded. You can still have problems when you try to update the existing Linux version with a new version or a new distro.

Here is one such scoundrel at work : Lenovo

The author of this website has gone through a horrible nightmare with his DELL Vostro 3558 laptop, prompting him to create this website.

In short, expect some frustrating experiences whenever you boot your Linux box built over a UEFI enabled PC (beware of DELL, Lenovo).

Beware ! You have been warned !
There's no room for Microsoft in Dr. Partha's world.
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  What cannot be cured, need not be endured

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