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Who is drpartha.org.in ?


This site is :
  1. preceded by a warning and disclaimers page (read this carefully, first).
  2. provided with a link from every page to the summit page, which has a "search" box for keywords or concepts, and also has a quicklinks page, for easy navigation.
  3. designed, created, operated and maintained by an internationally recognised web-designer
  4. hcaptchainclusive of a self-hosted Wordpress site (nickname selfpress) which also contains links to keep you updated regularly .
    The forms in this site are protected by hCAPTCHA (no automated-spam submissions).
  5. regularly backed up on a different location and a different medium, as part of the web gardening services provided by Algologic.
  6. TLS and https support: hosted on a TLS - protected (aka SSL) secure server running Linux. All communications with this server are encypted with a 128 bit key and are called with a https:// protocol.. Your browser will confirm that this connection is secure. You can scan/inspect the SSL certificate chain here.
    Or, try this offline copy.
  7. hosted on a SSI-enabled web server. Many of these pages use SSI commands.
  8. connected to sites which use cookies
  9. hosted at hosting.india.to
  10. "Who is" lookup: https://www.whois.com/whois/drpartha.org.in
  11. equipped with a site map (html version), and a sitemap (xml version).
  12. equipped with an automatically created and updated administrivia section, on each page
  13. equipped with a feedback form.
  14. has a "mailto" link for feedback / talkback, in every page.
  15. includes visitor tracking for selected pages using Google Analytics (visible only privately).
  16. equipped with a favicon favicon, to help you easily recognise our webpages in your browser bookmarks.
  17. equipped with a special page for donations and support, since we do NOT use any paywalls for our download pages.
  18. has a special page for our web page standards.
  19. equipped with a special page of details about licenses and IPR compliance.
  20. also accessible via a short-URL : http://bit.ly/drpartha

  21. NOT suitable for Microsoft loyalists
  22. a NO-GIMMICKS web site
  23. NOT loaded with misleading advertising/marketing links and redirections
  24. NOT funded, subsidised or financially supported by any commercial, religious or political organisation or group. Please consider supporting this site.
  25. NOT suitable for hand-held/mobile display devices. These pages are best viewed on conventional desktop or laptop monitors.

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