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Lead us not into temptation .....


The satan is not on the tree,
it is within us.

Choose your future, choose peace of mind, choose Linux,
choose to repent and repeal (Amen).

What's So Bad About Microsoft?
One good reason to avoid Microsoft  || Many more reasons
Watch their trousers go down on CNN TV !
EULA = trap-door to a scum pit
Chop the head and avoid dandruff = UEFI
Interview or Confession ?
One more entry in the Microsoft graveyard
You asked for a slap ?
Undo the mistake you made and
Take this best way out

Thy shall be delivered from evil .......
Linux, Should you use it? Can you use it?
A beginner's guide to Linux
Follow the sincere campaigner and promoter of Linux
What cannot be cured, need not be endured
Have some fun ...
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