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Enjoy the beauty of sunset

A beautiful sunset is your reward for surviving another day. Enjoy as many as you can.

This page is for all old-age persons (aka seniors) as well as their caregivers and well-wishers.

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Die young, as late as possible


Support Our Seniors

SOS -- Hyderabad, India
smiley All that they need is some RASCAL, to cheer them up :
  • Respect
  • Attention
  • Security
  • Care
  • Appreciation
  • Liberty


Old men can be inspiring

How they fight loneliness in many countries.

How you can fight loneliness and build good health.

Yet another way to relieve stress and loneliness.

Or, watch this video when you feel lonely.

To fight loneliness on your own : You too can do this !

Pets can help you relax and reduce the pain of isolation.

Old age is a fact of life

Watching a sunset is an enjoyable and peaceful experience. Your life's sunset years should also be equally enjoyable and peaceful. Here are a few pointers to resources which you can use for getting pleasure out of your sunset years.
  1. Old age need not be a curse
  2. Senior Citizen's Guide (from HelpAge India)
    Take a look at this informative document (84 pages, pdf), and share it with as many people as you know.
    Know your legal rights, privileges and benefits you are entitled to, and names of useful contact points.
  3. HelpAge India (Head Office)
  4. For other cities : Visit the website HelpAge India (contact us) and type the name of your city in the search box (search nearest office).
  5. When you feel isolated, neglected and depressed, talk to someone at Roshni (light).
  6. Elderly law (Read the touching story given here).
  7. What is geriatric care ? and Basic Principles of Geriatrics
    Download the Basic Principles of Geriatrics as a pdf file.
  8. Learn all about Age-Related Memory Loss and related issues. You may ask advise from your regular doctor, who will assess you and decide if you have to consult a neuropsychologist or a psychiatrist.
    Have you heard about AAADD pdf ?
    Here is a list of local chapters of ardsi (in various cities of India.)
    Contact Samvedna Senior Care, for assisting persons with dementia and related disorders (and their caregivers), in Gurugram and Delhi areas.
  10. A medical facility in Hyderabad, specialising in geriatric care and a wide range of related services.
  11. What is an Assisted Living Facility ?
  12. Old is Gold -- a store selling a huge range of products for the elderly. Take a look.
  13. No one saw the future, but you can plan for the future now. Make your will today. You can do it, and you must do it.
  14. Mobility and accessibilty are important issues in old age. Get some guidance here handiclogo
  15. Choosing the right wheelchair
  16. Samarthyam National Centre for Accessible Environments is here to help you in accessibility related issues.
  17. A model Code of Practice for Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) (HK Govt.)
  18. Look before you leap :
    • Use this checklist/questionnairepdf to help you choose an old-age home for yourself, your parents or your friends.
    • Do NOT sign on the dotted line. This article may save you from being hoodwinked by unscrupulous service providers.
    • Hyderabad-based readers should start from this SOS-Hyderabad page.
  19. Just read this and have a hearty laugh. Share with your friends.

  20. Live beyond life :
  21. Help us help our seniors better :Tell us about this website

Dad's love is endless
never mind how you treat him.

Sometimes, kindness is everywhere.

Brought to you by Dr. Partha, as part of his Individual Social Responsibility initiatives.

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