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World of scandals


Beware and be safe

Only your vigilance and persistence can help you defeat these crooks, cheats and thugs. First, take a look at some of the ways you can be short-changed or swindled (there are many more, waiting to be discovered), and then take your own precautions.

Be prepared, know the threats before the threats reach you, because prevention is better than regretting. Notice that these are not the kind of crooks you see lurking around in some street corners and crowded places. You have to be extra careful and ruthless, before they strike at you.
The rogues' gallery
BSNL | Excitel | Accura | SONY | Uber | Microsoft | IETE | Airtel | BOSCH
  1. Do NOT set a cheat to catch a thief
  2. How to dig your own grave.
  3. You like phishing ? You can enjoy becoming a phish for others
  4. A scandal called DVD region code
  5. Uber dirty games
  6. Can you trust an idiot ?
  7. Stay away from this IETE
  8. Airtellies = Airtel + Lies
  9. Beware of the military secret of BOSCH Home Appliances, India

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Together, let us make this place, a better and safer world for everybody.

Mere grumbling will not do,
protest loudly and let the world know.

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