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Partha's GPG public key


What is GPG ? | Download Partha's GPG public key | Contact Partha
You can now send confidential information to Partha, by "encrypting" it using GPG.
For doing this (and more), you will need Partha's GPG Public Key. Read on, to know more.

You will need my GPG public key, if you use GPG for doing any of the following:
Meet the Professor and learn some cryptography
Never take chances with security !

What is GPG ?


Partha's GPG public key ( AE6D555C )

Download the key ( AE6D555C ) and verify its authenticity

IMPORTANT : You will have to install the GPG software external on your computer, before you down load Partha's public key and perform the tests given below.

Note : Key ID : F1D9 9755 is outdated and unusable by me (I lost the passphrase).

Download my GPG public key : You can download Partha's GPG public key ( AE6D555C ) as an ASCII text file.

My current key (since 2016-10-08) is :
Key ID: AE6D555C
Key fingerprint 4234 5BA1 685F FE1B 1858 27A6 27D5 781C AE6D 555C

Check the key's authenticity, before you use it :

To be absolutely "absolutely sure" : Follow the public key negotiation protocol

Never take chances with security !

What next ?

You will have to do the above authentication/confirmation tests only once, before you can start using Parha's public key. After you have installed and tested GPG, and after you have obtained and confirmed Partha's GPG public key:

  1. Send an encrypted test message to Partha using Partha's public key which you have just downloaded and verified.
  2. Try to create a GPG key pair for yourself. "Export" your public key to a file and send me this public-key file. I will then send you an encrypted test message (using your public key), for you to decrypt (using your private/secret key). In fact, you can even encrypt the public-key file you send me (i.e. your public key), using my public key !
  3. Inform all your friends and colleagues, and make your public key visible to as many people as possible. You may even decide to upload your GPG public key to a public GPG key server, or distribute your public key yourself.
    Partha does NOT use any public key server.
  4. To make the best use of GPG, build or join a web of trust
  5. Join a community of cryptography practioners.
If you need help, ask Dr. Partha
Download some cryptography related tutorials

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