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There's no room for Microsoft loyalists in Dr. Partha's world.

We strongly support and encourage freedom in all forms, including software freedom.

We follow a ZERO - TOLERANCE policy for Microsoft,
and other invasive, intrusive, and restrictive programs like:
facebook, instagram, whatsapp, linkedin.

Do not send any Microsoft generated documents to Dr. Partha.
Do not send any Microsoft related queries.

You may even get blacklisted, if you insist on repeating this offense.

Consider yourself adequately warned.

Be ready for this response, if you send any Microsoft generated
document or query to Dr. Partha .....


I'm sorry,  you sent me an attachment or query that I refuse to use. I 
refuse to accept Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel or Microsoft 
Powerpoint documents (and all other Microsoft generated documents), because 
using  proprietary formats 
is a bad idea, is bad for freedom, is bad for the web and  for everybody. 
Moreover, there are many ugly things 
with Microsoft,   which make many  people detest Microsoft.  Moreover, 
I do NOT ever use any Microsoft based applications, so I cannot help you 
in any way in such matters.

Your mail has therefore been deleted/trashed. Sorry. This precaution is 
important for me, for security reasons.

We have probably warned you several times already. A pointer to this 
message is sent out always, with all our mails. This message itself is 
published and  promoted 
on the w-w-web, for all to see. 

You should have yourself been more responsible and careful, 
without our having to repeatedly tell this to you. We have no other choice 
than to take this action now.

We mean no offense to you but, there are many reasons for our
decision. In most cases,  the file contains a considerable amount
of  hidden nuisance (virus, malware etc.) Microsoft Word, Excel,
Access, and Power Point files are notoriously vulnerable to such

We appreciate your right to choose or use the software which you like. 
Conversely, we expect you to respect our concern for keeping
our systems sane and sterile. We do not want our systems to be
infected or contaminated due to your reckless choices. We hope
you understand.

Using proprietary formats is bad for freedom, and bad for everybody 
(including you and me). Proprietary formats impose restrictions 
on users, and  infringe upon their freedoms. 

Please "Save As" ASCII Text (plain text), HTML, or Portable
Document Format (PDF) and send the resulting file as an
attachment. Another option is to simply type your message
directly into mail (not Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word) 
then you won't need to use an attachment at all.   You have 
the following options, use: 

In the highly unlikely event that your document cannot be
converted to an open, non-proprietary format, consider posting it
on a web page, and sending an e-mail with the URL which points to
the file. In any case, we will not access, or download, or open
files which are in a proprietary, blackbox, format (read

Conversely, do NOT expect me to send you any document in a
proprietary, blackbox, format (read Microsoft). For very similar 
reasons,  do not expect to see me on things like :  facebook, 
instagram, whatsapp, or linkedin ......etc. 

You may even be blacklisted and blocked,  if you insist on  repeating
this offense. 

I do not intend discussing this matter or negotiating this policy with you. 
So, do not even try to tell  me your opinion.

Consider yourself adequately warned. 

If you need any help or assistance, you can always ask me.


I hope this is clear.

Thank you.


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