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Parthasarathy --- What's in a name ?

1. What does "Parthasarathy" mean ?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about my name :
  1. What does Parthasarathy mean ?
  2. What is my first-name/surname (French: prenom/nom , German: Vorname/Name) ?

    My name is derived from a famous episode in Hindu mythology: the Mahabharata war. Lord Krishna -- an incarnation of Vishnu -- played the role of a driver (sarathy) of the chariot of the prince Arjuna (Partha). And, during this incident, Lord Krishna pronounced the essentials of Hindu philosophy to Arjuna. Thus, the name literally means: driver of Arjuna (as depicted in the portrait on your left).

    Thus, in Hindu mythology, the name Parthasarathy is associated with images of: a humble driver (sarathy), a dutiful warrior (partha), and the greatest teacher of all times (Parthasarathy).

    The sayings of Lord Krishna, compiled under the name: Bhagavatgita (also called as Gita) form the essence of the wisdom which leads and guides millions of Hindus around the world.

    Click here for a very fine description of Bhagavatgita.

2. What is my first-name/surname ?

If the semantics of my name is typically Hindu, the syntax of my name is typically South-Indian. My name follows the patronymic system of naming. I do NOT have a first-name/prenom/Vorname.

My name is Parthasarathy which serves both as a first-name (given name) and as a surname. My friends call me Partha (which is only my nickname).

Officially, my full name is : S. Parthasarathy . The "S" in front denotes the name of my father: Srinivasan . You guessed it: my name is in two parts. The first part denotes my father, the second part denotes me. This chaining of names continues across generations. My father, Rangachari Srinivasan , carries his fatherīs name (Rangachari) . I am Srinivasan Parthasarathy . My son is Parthasarathy Parishram . His son/daughter would be Parishram ???? . In the case of girls, the first part (fatherīs name) gets replaced by the husbandīs name when they get married. Thus, my daughter: Parthasarathy Prayathna will become xxx Prayathna when she gets married.

In computer science, this arrangement is known as a linked list with backward pointers.

The advantages of this scheme are manifold. It is very easy to trace the family tree with this method.

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