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MSKEYS Pity is, when MS messes up things, they make the world pay for it. They were never, sure when their masterpiece operating system would collapse or get jammed. So they cut the space-bar, to make room for an emergency exit. Considering their reputation for reliability, they were not sure if one emergency exit (aka MS-Windows key) would work. So they added one more key, just in case. Which means that they had to steal one more chunk from the space bar. This is enough proof of the sense of reliability of MS. This mischief proves that MS has no confidence in its own operating system. The whole world had to buy such circumcised stuff, just because there was one rich bully, deciding how big the space-bar should be. His greedy and shameless accomplices, the keyboard vendors, went about circumcising their own keyboards.

Here is the keyboard of a Linux fan, who removed the ugly eye-sore called MS-Windows keys, from his keyboard. He lost nothing. He needs no such rubbish.

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